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Toy box!

Ben likes to climb into his new toy box and pretend to sleep 🙂  

Block party!


Roller Coaster!!

Calvin brought over the roller coaster today! Ben is loving it but I can’t get a pic of him going since I have to give him a push and I can’t do that and video 🙂 A friend of Luke’s gave this to Jackie and David. It’s survived 20 years of kids!!  

Silly pancakes


Purple bath



  Pushing toys at Mama- and then sitting in her lap-  

Bicycle pump!

and big spoon!  

Eating Chex with a fork

Ben really wanted to eat Chex with a fork. He’s really into forks these days. I stabbed a couple and it was hysterical to watch him eat them! He was not successful in getting any on the fork himself but he had fun trying 🙂      

Pinkeye boy



Jackie brought one of Grandma’s music boxes to Austin for Ben! He loves it!