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I say ‘hanger’ like 800 times. Ben says it once at like 20 seconds 🙂

40th birthday!

I cannot believe I’m 40!?!

Birthday snuggles and chatters!

Ben got the phone so watching it might make you dizzy!

Ben and Cassius dancing at the Austin Marathon

dancing to vampire weekend

Ben says Cassius!

It made me cry!

Dancing on Ice Day!

To Thomas the Train: With one of his musical toys:

Valentine magnets

Oh, Wow!

Had to take an early morning bath due to a poosplosion BUT luckily we had an ice delay and UT didn’t open til 10am 🙂 Ben likes to say ‘Oh, wow!’ now in addition to ‘Oh, no!’

Ben eating crackers in my bed

Ben wanted to roll around on my bed this morning and I didn’t realize he had a cheese cracker in his hand. Oops.