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Ben playing at Jackie and David’s

Taken by David and Jackie using the iStabilizer dolly!  

Ben plays piano

Ben kicking and biting stuff

Ben was just having so much fun by himself that I had to take a video 🙂

So big!

I can’t believe how much different Ben looks in these photos from 6-3 and 6-17! Only two weeks apart!

My advice for what to bring to the hospital!

I’m sure this is different for everyone but these are the things I was super happy to have at the hospital- – a prettier hospital gown to labor in – Some people said they thought this was unnecessary but I felt sooo much better hanging out in this all day. I liked not having all […]

Ben loves to swing!

Ben loves the swing at Jenn’s house! I keep trying to figure out where we could put one at our house but I’m not coming up with anything!

Ben eating – 6-8-13

Gary and Ben pre and post vacation!

I didn’t realize that Ben was wearing the same thing (pj day at daycare on drop off and ready for bed on pick up)! After a week at Mud Puppies, Gary had a summer clip and was definitely NOT wearing the same thing 🙂  

Ben’s a little screamy

8 months old!

Ben is 8 months old!! 2/3 of a year!! Some facts about Ben at 8 months- – He weighs 20.5 pounds! – He has four teeth! Two middle bottoms and two middle tops! – He still isn’t eating sold food but loves to bite and spit out baby mum mums. – He LOVES peek a […]