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Ben maybe eats something??

Ben still isn’t wanting any solid foods. We keep trying every other day though! Jackie thought he might have eaten some of a mum-mum on Saturday and it looks like he might be eating some of one here?

Aunt Eileen calms Ben

Eileen had him calm for 45 minutes over here but then of course when I came to say hello, he freaked out 🙂 And my phone storage was full so it’s only a few seconds long.

Great-grandpa bounces Ben!

They met for the first time just the day before! This is day 2 of their visit during a trip to the Wildflower Center.  

Goodnight video for Pittsburgh team :)

Ben and I didn’t make it to see Grandpa, Uncle Don and Aunt Eileen when they got to Austin on Friday so we made them a good night video.

Ben plays piano!

The Wormingtons let us borrow this great piano. Ben loves it! Gary is trying to help by providing a tail metronome in video 2. Also, Ben got his DOC Band today 🙂

Ben swings!

Ben went for a swing on Cassius’ swing at Jenn’s house!

Ben meets Scout!

Ben woke up with a mohawk!

I suspect the babysitter might have combed it this way. It can’t have happened on it’s own???


Ben’s getting a DOC Band!

At Ben’s 4 month checkup, we talked about how the back of his head seemed flat. We decided to monitor it for a month and see how we felt. We tried to keep him off the back of his head as much as possible to try to even it out. At 5 months, we still […]