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Easter bunny pics!

Ben’s fever update

The fever Ben had that lasted from March 9th to 14th was due to a UTI.  The 10 days of antibiotics kicked the infection (whoo!) but there’s concern about why he even had a UTI so young 🙁 So, he has to get a renal ultrasound and a VCUG to make sure that he isn’t […]

Ben rolls halfway over!

Ben has started rolling onto his side! Halfway to rolling to his tummy 🙂

Ben and his new exersaucer

2013- February

2013- February, a set on Flickr. Here are all the pics from February!

Ben playing on the floor

Ben jumps around in the jumperoo

This video is from my phone so it’s not great. I did take a better one with Sam’s camera so I’ll post that later. He’s really jumping now!  

Ben jumperoos and squeals!

Ben’s only 1 day away from being 5 months old! He loves to – – jump! – try to get his feet in his mouth – squeal – grab things really hard and not let go (like my hair, various toys, my shirt, Sam’s fingers) – giggle – watch people (especially other babies) very intently

All the February pics!

Are here!