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Ben, Cassius and a chipmunk

Ben and I stayed with Jenn and Cassius on Friday night to help get ready for Cassius’ first birthday party. While Jenn made a run to the store Saturday morning, the boys and I played with noisy toys! I think this chipmunk was the loudest!

Cedar Park Library storytime!

Ben and I met my dad at the Cedar Park Library for lapsit story time! They do this three times a week and it was awesome. Ben loved it!

Bathtime Babies!

Sam came to Ben’s Bathtime Babies class and took pictures! For now Ben floats around and gets water poured on him and we sing songs but eventually he’ll learn to swim 🙂

Ben’s 1st Valentine’s Day!

Ben had a party at daycare and passed out valentines!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

One year ago today…

I woke Sam up by jumping on the bed and yelling “Holy shit, I’m pregnant!”!  I thought about waking him up this morning by jumping on the bed with Ben and yelling “Holy shit, we have a baby!” but I figured he would be too asleep to appreciate the joke!  Instead I just told him […]

Even more jumperoo!

Ben sounds like a pterodacytl?

Or something like that 🙂 It’s pretty loud so you’ll want your headphones if you’re at work!

Ben laughing with Sam

Sam making Ben laugh!

Ben is a chatty boy!

He’s gotten very loud recently 🙂