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I eat my arm!!

My Photo Stream-910, a photo by callamonster on Flickr. Bad quality pic from my phone but he was being so cute!!

Thoughtful Ben

My Photo Stream-904, a photo by callamonster on Flickr.

Ben is cool

My Photo Stream-887, a photo by callamonster on Flickr.

Visiting day!

We had an exciting day today! We had lunch at Wildwood Bakehouse with Angela and Michelle (and picked up our gluten free Thanksgiving sides!), stopped in at Melissa’s work to say hi, and visited with Jackie, David and Calvin! Then we came home and took a nap… whew.  

Ben’s first trip to an Alamo Drafthouse!

Ben and I had a movie date on baby day!  

Grumpy Ben wakes up

Ben waking up from a nap

Here he is being adorable!

Ben is getting ready for SXSW!

Ben will tell you all about it

Ben at 6 weeks!

I went crazy with the videos today! Here’s one and two and three!