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9-30-12 Gary loves bed rest!

Week 36 – Hospital visit excitement!

My blood pressure went up to over 100 on the bottom on Wednesday so I went in to my ob and then they admitted me to labor and delivery! The original plan was to induce me on the 27th but thankfully they got my blood pressure under control with medication so JR didn’t have to […]


JR stayed in long enough for us to make the shower!!  I was getting worried there for a while 🙂  Helen, Jackie, Jenn, Kelly and Melissa did a wonderful job and everything was perfect! It was so nice to see everyone!! I didn’t take pictures so I’ll post some after I get the ones that […]

Quick 35 week update!

We had our weekly appointment yesterday (on the first day of week 35!) and they’re estimating JR’s weight at 6 pounds 7 ounces. 71st percentile!! I told the doctor that I couldn’t believe we still had 5 weeks and he said, “Well, we’ll see about that… ”  We’re not sure how much sooner than 5 […]

6 more weeks?

We have six more weeks??

Bump- Week 34!

Oh, this bump is getting serious! I can balance a cup on it now 🙂 And I’ve gone over my target gain already and we still have 6 weeks to go – up 38 pounds this week! JR went to his first concert that he could hear on Saturday and he seemed to like it!! […]

JR kicking at 34 weeks!

We caught JR kicking at our 34 week fetal non-stress test! Still kind of hard to see but better than the other videos I’ve tried to take 🙂 JR kicking

Bump – Week 33!

7 more weeks!!  

Bump shoot!

Jenn came and took pictures of us on Saturday!! It might take until week 35 to get them all sorted and posted but here’s one til then 🙂 Thank you Jenn! And thanks Kate for baby wrangling!  

Bump – Week 32!

The bump is HUGE! JR is wiggling around most of the day (and night!) and I’m getting pretty uncomfortable. I have a lot of swelling now (my shoe size is up to an 11!!!) and carpal tunnel in my right hand 🙁 And I can’t sleep more than 2 hours without having to get up […]