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Week 31 ultrasound!

This is JR’s face (well half of his face) at week 31 and 6 days! They’re estimating that he weighs 4.5 pounds which is in the 66th percentile! (click on the picture to make it big enough to see) cropped to make his face more obvious!

Bump – Week 31!

So our excitement of the week was certainly our trip to Labor and Delivery on Sunday! In other less exciting news, we had our infant CPR class on Saturday where we learned all about CPR and choking prevention AND we have an ultrasound tomorrow! I can’t wait to see if it’s really JR’s butt that […]

No pictures – just an update!

No week 31 pic yet because we ended up spending a lot of our day in labor and delivery yesterday! I started having contractions every 2-7 minutes at about 2:30pm and called the doctor’s office about an hour later when they didn’t stop. They had us come in so they could monitor the contractions and […]

Bump- Week 30!

Week 30! We had a baby care class at Seton AND a pediatric meet and greet at the Austin Regional Clinic closest to us this week. We’re getting ready!!!

One more 29 week pic

                    I swear that the bump looks bigger with clothes on!

Bump- Week 29!

Only 11 weeks to go!! I’m up 29 pounds! I’m definitely looking pregnant now as the belly has popped! Sam and I had our childbirth class last week. I can tell the hormones are really kicking in because every baby in the video made me tear up 🙂 The class gave us lots more information […]

Bump – Week 28!

JR is moving around like crazy still. He’s extra wiggly today and I think it’s because he’s excited because it’s Sam’s birthday! Or maybe it’s because he knows we’re going to Eddie V’s for dinner… I’m up 28 pounds now so JR and I will be counting our calories for the next few months. Maybe […]