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Bump – Week 27!

We were in San Antonio for the bump picture this week! Sam took these at the rooftop pool of our hotel.  I really think that the bump looks bigger when I have a shirt on than it does in these naked belly pics. Maybe we’ll post an extra one this week so you can see. […]

Bump- Week 26!

Sam and I were in Pittsburgh for my 20 year high school reunion so my outfit and background are different this week! JR is kicking up a storm now. I even saw him kick so hard my tummy moved last week! Amazingly, I’m only up 24 pounds as of week 26 even though I was […]

Bump- Week 25!!

Only 15 weeks to go!!! JR is kicking away a few times a day now and the bump is getting much more pronounced! I’m up 22 pounds now but still hoping to keep the total to 35 🙂 Sam and I are headed to my 20 year high school reunion on Friday. I certainly never […]


Sam felt JR kick last night for the first time! We just had to get to the first day of week 25, I guess 🙂

3d ultrasound pics!!

There are 92 total pics posted here! The placenta was still kind of in the way but they’re clearer than the ones from the weekend.

Bump – Week 24!!

Week 24 and the bump has definitely popped!!! I’m sure it has nothing to do with the 20 pounds I’ve now gained 🙂  JR is moving around a lot now but still not enough that Sam can feel him. Maybe week 25!  

3d Ultrasound pics delayed!

We went for our 3d/4d ultrasound yesterday but JR did NOT cooperate! The umbilical cord was floating in front of his face and instead of moving it, JR was holding onto it and even putting it in his mouth. Silly boy! I’m going back on Wednesday to see if we can get clear pictures on […]

Bump- Week 23!!

This update is a little late but the pic is from last Sunday 🙂  17 pounds up at week 23!!  After our 4th of July feast (pie in a cup!) I’m thinking week 24 might have more than a one pound gain 🙂 We have a 4d ultrasound tomorrow and I’m so excited! We’ll get […]