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Right after I posted the last entry, JR kicked me hard enough to feel from the outside! I guess he proved me wrong 🙂

Bump- Week 22!

Week 22!!! The bump looks way more bumpy than it does in this picture, I swear! Especially from the top 🙂 I only gained one pound this week – whew! – so I’m at a reasonable 16 pounds up for now. JR is kicking in there but not hard enough to feel on the outside […]

Bump- Week 21!

Well, oops, I gained 3 pounds again this week! Now I’m up 15 total!  JR is just really, really hungry! I’ve started tracking calories so that I don’t keep gaining 3 pounds every week though 🙂 JR is really swooshing around in there now. Still no kicking or movement that can be felt from the […]

Wow, I’m hungry!

I’m pretty sure that JR is just a very cleverly disguised tapeworm…

Bump- Week 20!!

We’re halfway there!! I’m up 12 pounds now (yes, that is 3 pounds in one week – eek!) so the baby belly is getting bigger 🙂 JR was about 15 oz at our ultrasound this week and looking super active. His heartbeat was 137 this time.  I can feel him swishing around in there but […]

Ultrasound – Week 20!

We had an ultrasound yesterday (one day shy of week 21!) and we got some video and new pics! Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Face video

Bump – Week 19!!!

So the wall is finished! Whoo! We think our remodeling MIGHT be done in 2-3 weeks. Fingers crossed!!! I can’t believe we’re almost halfway!! I’ve still only gained 9 pounds and I think that should be changing A LOT soon 🙂 Also I am eating nonstop so I don’t know where all the calories are […]