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Bump- Week 13!

Whoo! Second trimester here we come 🙂 I’m feeling way more normal this week! I’m still waking up every 2 to 3 hours so I’m sleepy but I can usually make it til 11pm without passing out on the couch now 🙂 Still only up 5 pounds so there’s not too much of a bump […]

12 week ultrasound pics!!

All of the 12 week ultrasound pictures are uploaded here!  The baby would not cooperate and turn towards us so we don’t know the gender yet. Our tech said she had a slight lean towards boy but that it was a very slight lean. So we have to wait another 4-6 weeks to find out!!! […]

Bump- Week 12!!

Almost 2nd trimester!! I’m feeling much more normal this week though I can only fit in about 4 pre-pregnancy items of clothing 🙂 Sam learned a bad trick while watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ this week. A great way to get a pregnant lady out of the room is to ask her, ‘Hey, didn’t […]

Bump – Week 11!

One more day til week 12!! I’m off the brussels sprouts but still loving eggs! Deviled, fried, however… mmmm 🙂 My blood pressure is now normal without my prescription due to my blood vessels widening and hormones – thanks baby! The bump may look more pronounced than usual since we took this AFTER Easter brunch. […]

Bump – Week 10!!

We’re posting week 10 pics from the weekend but today is the first day of week 11! Thankfully I’m not as nauseous this week but I’m still very sleepy. I took a blanket to work so I could nap on my floor 🙂 I’m up to 4 pounds now… might need to slow down a […]