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Bump – Week 9!!!

I’ve gained three pounds now and I know that the bump isn’t the actual baby but it is the baby’s fault so I think it counts 🙂 I’m definitely having trouble finding shirts that fit! This week has definitely been the worst for nausea but hopefully that will be fading away over the coming weeks.

Bump – Week 8!

I’ve gained two pounds now but I hear there won’t really be a real bump until at least 12 weeks! Though I did get a pedicure on Sunday (the day of these pics) and when I walked in, the owner pointed at my tummy and asked, “You have baby?” so I definitely have a bloat […]

It’s been one month!

One month ago today, we saw two pink lines! I’d taken a test only two days before which was negative so when we celebrated our 51st 12th celebration on Sunday we went to Uchiko and ate a bunch of sushi and some wine (the doctor says it was too early to be a problem – […]

Baby bump vote!

So there’s no bump yet at 7 weeks but we’re getting ready to document one! So far I’ve actually only gained a pound but somehow all my pants are tight and I seem wider… We want to take a picture in the same place each week from now on. Which location do you like better? […]

First look at the baby!

Sam and I had our first doctor’s appointment on Friday the 9th and we got to hear the heartbeat! 133 beats per minute!