Guinea hens!

Singing Teddy Grahams

From sometime in November-

Videos from November


Early morning snuggles

I was trying to get Ben to sleep a little longer so we got into my bed. That obviously wasn’t working 🙂


Ben’s dentist’s office has the best toys! Also, Ben’s check up went well 🙂

Cedar Rock Railroad!

We went to Cedar Rock Railroad with Poppa and Nonna! Ben wasn’t so sure about the train ride but he had fun playing with Poppa!

Pumpkin Patch!!

Lots of videos from September

I found Ben a recorder! Ben learned to blow a whistle- He was excited to see Poppa and Nonna- Poppa gave him a money sorter (more money! more money!)- Ben still loves cupcakes!- and his Tia- And he still thinks I’m putting on Poppa’s shoes anytime I wear white sneakers –

Ben blowing raspberries!

When Ben wakes up before 5:30am I bring him to my bed to see if he’ll sleep some more with me. This does not often work 🙂 Last weekend at 5:30am, this silliness happened instead of sleeping. No picture because it’s pitch black at 5:30am!!