The adorableness!!

Cassius was swinging Ben and oh, the cute!


Easter pics! and some videos!

Things that Ben can say!

Ben mama daddy Gary NO! Tia Grandpa Nonna David dog cat kitty cow and moo sheep and baa help up please toothbrush (well it doesn’t sound exactly like toothbrush but it means toothbrush 🙂 ) Cassius glasses wow all right cool! milk cup owl tree nose eye yes touch see chair monkey tub mine! cheese […]

Christmas whiskey cake!

Beth’s mom made this every Christmas and I’ve missed it so much since being in Texas! I finally remembered to get the recipe from her this year and YUM! Just as good as I remember 🙂 Barb’s Whiskey Cake 1 box yellow cake mix (gluten free if you’d like me to share it!) 1 small […]

Ben one year ago today!

, a photo by callamonster on Flickr. Awwwwww

15 month checkup

Ben was not happy about the 3 shots at his 15 month checkup but he got a good report! 30.25 inches tall and 23 pounds and 6 oz heavy 🙂  

2013- December – Christmas Day

2013- December – Christmas Day, a set on Flickr. Christmas day at our house, the Stence’s and my dad’s

2013- December – Christmas Too

2013- December – Christmas Too, a set on Flickr. Day two of Christmas at the Stences!

2013- December – Thinkery visits

2013- December – Thinkery visits, a set on Flickr. We went to the Thinkery FOUR times in 7 days 🙂

2013 – December

2013 – December , a set on Flickr. Lots of pics from December!